10 Reasons to Choose a Wide-Angle Lens Over Another Lens

10 Reasons to Choose a Wide-Angle Lens Over Another Lens

If you’re tired of shooting most of your photographs using the only phone camera and would like to try something new, try a lens that will help you see familiar subjects in brand new ways. The result might be more variety, interesting viewpoints and a unique perspective.

What you need is a new angle, both figuratively and literally. Look no further – wide angle is the answer! A whole new view of the world and the world of photography will open up for you. These lenses produce an extremely expansive angle of view. When you want to capture more of the scene, wide-angle is the way to go. Also, you will retain sharp focus from foreground to background due to the great depth of field produced by these lenses.

Try Something New!

1.Wide angle lenses help you see in a brand new way: your photos will have a unique visual perspective

Uniqu visual perspective

2. A wide angle lens makes travel photography an exciting adventure – Locations and landscapes will spread out in front of you as never before!


3. You will be able to create dynamic images with a strong visual impact by incorporating many elements in a scene.

Dinamic image

4. When taking pictures of many people together, wide angle allows you to move in close and still get everyone in the shot.

Large Groups of People

5. Image distortion produced by wide-angle lens create great effects – including “gigant”, “facial”, and “height” effects!

Image Distoriton

6. When photographing famous landmarks, use a wide-angle lens to record the landmark in its entirety.


7. Emphasize the character or essence of an architectural structure by using a wide-angle lens.

 Architectural Structure

8. Photographing a still life with a wide-angle lens improves your composition and visualization skills.

Still Life

9. There are so many different ways to use a wide-angle lens – the possibilities are endless: landscapes, still lifes, interiors, vacations, travel, group, sports photos, and so much more!

Best Angles

10. Wide-angle lenses simply make picture taking fun!

Wide Angle Distortion

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