We are arranging a photo contest for the sake of Spring! The Sun comes and snow melts! Join the contest with your best Spring themed photo! Any photo about flowers, Easter, sunny weather, melting snow, JUST BE CREATIVE AND HAVE FUN!

The rules are simple!

1. Upload your photos between March 7- April 1

2. Follow @bullyeyesphoneography 

3. Use #bullyeyesphotocontest

4. Tag @bullyeyesphoneography  in your photo

What are the prizes?

1st place – Bullyeyes phone camera lens
2nd place – 75% coupon
3rd place – 50% coupon

The contest is worldwide.
The winner will be chosen by our team.
The results will be announced on April 1.




1. Upload a photo 

taken with your new BullyEyes Phone Lens OR of you using your new BullyEyes Phone Lens

2. Follow @bullyeyesphoneography 

2. Tag @bullyeyesphoneography 

3. Use the hashtag #bullyeyeslens

Make sure your Instagram/Facebook is set to public — or else we won’t be able to see your picture!

We’ll randomly pick winners every month that will receive free BullyEyes Phone Lens!

Contest ends 31 December 2018, 11.59 pm.

What are you waiting for, show off your fierce self on Instagram or Facebook now!

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